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Last night was my very last Articles Club while living in North Carolina. A bittersweet ending during my last few weeks here before I begin this new chapter in Washington, D.C. with Andrew! Our monthly club was created in 2015 and has been co-hosted by the fabulous Stephanie Shaul and Emily Thomas. I began attending not so long after I graduated college; I was in a new city with a new job and searching to connect with people with whom I had something in common. I had been following Stephanie on Instagram as a (then) fellow wedding industry professional, but had never met her in person when I saw her blog post about starting an Articles Club.

As Andrew and I finalize packing for our big move in August, I realize I can't pack up the club with me to Washington. BUT I can start a new group once I get there! If you're in the D.C. area and interested in joining, please see the details below and shoot me an email!

Articles Club is very similar to a book club - minus the books. Friends get together to share their thoughts and questions on whatever was selected. Everyone brings a dish and there's typically a bottle (or five) of wine to help get the conversation flowing. We've always hosted within someone's home, but you could easily host it at a favorite restaurant or coffee shop!

Articles (as opposed to books) allow multiple perspectives on a single topic or theme and most importantly, allow others to participate even if they only have a few minutes to dedicate to reading. My favorite part about Articles Club is the mixture of individuals who attend - different backgrounds and viewpoints spark much more lively discussions. In a world where people often struggle to face differing opinions, I cherish that our club created a space where religion, politics, race, and other dividing factors can be discussed openly.

Each month we get together to discuss two or three articles - usually related through a common theme - that were selected by one of our group members. I love that we also usually end up discussing related books, television series, blogs, podcasts, or documentaries related to the topic. I usually leave feeling a little more 'in-the-know' than when I came. I've created a master list of most of the articles we discussed (see below) to give you a feel of the topics or help you out if you're looking to start your own club in your area! I know that getting together with friends during the busy seasons of life can seem difficult, much less sifting through the surface level of 'catching up' to have deep conversations. But from my experience, my friendships that experience these levels of connections are much stronger and fulfilling because of them. Start small, take the plunge! And if you end up being able to rally the troops, make sure you select the next month's meeting date/time/location before you leave the current meeting. It's much easier to schedule when everyone has their calendars in front of them rather than coordinating through text or email!

With that being said, I've come to realize I'd be a little sad without these monthly get-togethers. Plus, what better way to get to know people in a new city than by discussing all the things you're not supposed to discuss?  So, if you're in the D.C. area and want to join me on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:30pm, please shoot me an email at so I can add you to our group!

Well, that's all she wrote! Or in this case, read. I absolutely can't wait to connect with those of you who are interested in creating a D.C. Articles Club. If anyone has a great article or theme to add to this ever-growing list, please shoot them my way!


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