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in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, September 09, 2019
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Growing up I was always given the opportunity to make my room my own. My childhood bedroom's walls had every color under the rainbow and my room hosted a vintage furniture set that had seen even more color. My parents even let me paint a cheetah print pattern on the side of my dresser for a brief period in high school. Mind you, this was before I realized the value of vintage furniture or discovered furniture lacquer. I have been known to take flea market furniture and make a weekend project of it and absolutely love to rearrange furniture (several times a year) - a quality Andrew is still learning to love.

It wasn't until my later years in college that I felt that I was finally developing a style that could mature with me as I aged. I started to value more quality decor but still loved that flea market feel - something with a story. My grandmother's collection of blue and white chinoiserie is the perfect example of this; her curating abilities are quite impressive. I began to take an interest in her pieces and upon moving into my first real home after college, she gifted me my first piece from her very own collection. I quickly learned that these antiques were tough to find and could get quite expensive. Being a recent college graduate then, I didn't have the time or money to support my newfound addiction. In browsing for inspiration on Instagram I stumped upon an account selling all sorts of antique goods.

It didn't take long for me to fall down the rabbit hole that is the Instagram antique scene. There is literally an entire community of sellers who spend their time curating collections of all types and at all price points. I'm not a gambler, and thank goodness, because the rush you can get during one of their sales is quite intense! Limited quantities or even one-of-a-kind pieces mean that you have to act fast or the good stuff gets gone. Read below for some of my favorite accounts who I affectionately call my "dealers" - remember to read through each page's rules if you plan on shopping. Most require that you drop your zip code in the comments to reserve the piece and most also allow you to write "backup" in the comments if the piece is taken but you'd like to be next in line if it falls through. I've scored a few pieces this way so don't be afraid to show your interest; you never know when they'll come across something similar and reach back out to you first!

Anyone who has been to my home can vouch for my obsession and many quite frequently ask where they can find some of their own. Well, here's my answer!

Plate & Plaid | @plateandplaid | Mondays @ 7:30pm EST
     J. Cline Vintage Collection | @jclinevintage
Affordably Chic Art | @affordablychicart
K Sweigart Collection | @ksweigartcollection
Lillian Grey's Vintage Home | @lilliangreysvintagehome
The Paisley Pagoda | @the_paisleypagoda
Pepper Leigh Eclectic | @pepperleigheclectic
Curated & Company | @curatedandcompany | Thursdays 7:30pm EST
   Seven Street Market | @sevenstreetmarket
Turner & Moss Vintage Home | @shopturnerandmoss
Le Grand Collier Estate | @legrandcollierestate

I used to hoard as much blue and white as possible, but now I prefer to seek fewer, higher quality pieces and mix them in with other elements like brass, wicker or rattan, tortoise, tan leather, and silver (this last one is a new one for me, I used to be a strictly gold gal!). In addition to browsing pieces through Instagram sellers, there's a ton through more traditional retailers as well. I love supporting small businesses, but if you're in a time crunch and looking for something specific, you may need to branch out. Here are some of my favorites available online now:

And finally, if that wasn't enough for you, there's a lot of blue and white inspired decor / entertaining items / gifts as well. Here are some of my favorites:

From left to right: Monogrammed cocktail linen | Bed Bath & Beyond throw pillowTuckernuck tumblers

From left to right: Jayes Studio pajamas | Kiel James Patrick earrings | Oak Lane ginger jar square tray | Frontgate ginger jar ornaments

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