Our Engagement Story

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, May 28, 2020

It's hard to believe that Andrew and I have already been engaged for a whole year! For as long as I can remember Andrew had said that he didn't want to be engaged while he was in school. In college I remember thinking, totally understandable! Gotta respect priorities, right? But those of you who know him know how this story goes... so two graduate degrees and six years of dating later, we were in summer of 2019. 

Becoming Catholic

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, May 24, 2020

This weekend marks the end of my journey as a catechumen, or a non-baptized person learning about and hoping to become a Christian, in my case, through the Catholic faith. We had planned to welcome our friends and family at Easter to watch as I became baptized and received my first communion. While our plans look a little different, I am still excited to acknowledge how much I have grown and learned throughout the process. I have chosen my confirmation name, Madeleine, for two main reasons:

20 Wedding Movies to Get You Through 2020

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, May 20, 2020

Oh 2020, where do I begin? Since COVID-19 reared its head, there's been quite a few times that I've thought to myself: what a strange, strange time to be planning a wedding. How to cope? Binge watch all the best wedding movies. There's a few below that aren't really wedding movies - but there's a wedding in them and they're favorites of mine so they made the list. Here's 20 wedding movies that are helping me make the most of this season (in absolutely no particular order):

Vintage Finds Under $50

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, May 16, 2020
I absolutely love incorporating antique decor throughout our home. I find that having unique pieces with a little bit of history add some character to our space. I also have many fond memories growing up exploring vintage shops and yard sales with my grandmother looking for new-to-us treasures. We still try to do this when we are together, except I'm sure she finds the process more fun now that I'm spending my own money!

Instagram and Etsy make it possible to "hunt" from the comfort of your home - which is really convenient during COVID-19. If you're looking for blue and white pieces specifically, check out my list here for my tried-and-true accounts to follow. Here's what I've been eyeing!
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