Vintage Finds Under $50 (Part 2)

Friday, June 5, 2020

I really enjoyed putting together my last post of Vintage Finds Under $50 so I wanted to do an all-brass edition this week. When I first started decorating with blue and white, I mostly tried hoarding every piece I could find. Over time, I found this monothematic approach a bit overwhelming to the eye and a bit boring to curate. Now I love finding unique pieces of all kinds to mix together. So, here are some of the pieces available now via various vendors on Etsy!

1) Tassel Vase | $14 | Could literally fill with anything.
2) Set of 10 napkin rings | $22 | Would compliment any china color or pattern - also great for everyday!

3) Shell shaped mail/letter holder | $24 | Love this for a desk or foyer table. 
4) Woven box | $23 | It's taking everything in me not to buy this. It'd be perfect for the kitchen counter to hold recipe cards!