Bridal Portraits at The Carolina Inn

Sunday, August 30, 2020

I went back and forth for quite some time on whether or not I actually wanted to do bridal portraits. My practical side was battling with itself: did it make more sense to put that money into another budget item or did it make more sense to have an option to do a trial run on my hair, makeup, and dress fitting? It's not entirely surprising that the portraits won out - I've always loved getting dressed up.

I'm an avid bargain shopper and the thought of sending thousands of dollars on a dress for one day seemed simply insane. In the beginning, I explored the idea of designing my own custom dress with Anomalie. I loved the idea of the opportunity to be unique at a fraction of the cost. But then I went shopping at Coastal Knot in Raleigh, NC and after only a few others, we found "the" dress. At first, I wasn't sure if this was the dress for me. I'm more rational than emotional so I wasn't expecting any tears, but I could name at least three other people I know that have worn this dress. It checked A LOT of boxes for me: simple, clean, structured, train, no sweetheart neckline. But I really did not want to be a strapless bride and I wanted to be a little more unique, so when we added the off-the-shoulder straps (my favorite neckline of all time), I was sold! (The exact style is Allure Couture #9514). I love the simplicity of it and especially love the structure, the horsehair trim really gives the edge the ruffle impact I was vying for. I finished off the look with a custom 170 inch veil by Lamnhi Bridals and then incorporated my favorite color, a deep emerald green with my accessories.