Fall Tablescape Inspiration

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, September 23, 2020
Every fall I feel a little like Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada criticizing florals - pumpkins for fall? Groundbreaking. And yet, year after year I drag out all my decor in the expected warm-but-not-red color scheme, ditching the bright pops of color from summer. This year is no exception! I really do love fall, especially now living in the city where a crisp, chilly breeze makes hauling your groceries the few blocks back to your apartment a tad more enjoyable. There's also something nostalgic about the entire season - sports, holidays, all good reasons to enjoy company with others. Right now gatherings have been made more difficult, but not impossible, and both Andrew and I look forward to the moments when we can host our friends and family safely together again. 

Here are a few pieces I'm eyeing this year for fall tablescapes. I don't love rustic decor, but I feel every fall table has to have it sprinkled in there. I'm digging the amber hues a bit more than I have in the past and overall trying to avoid pumpkins as the main motif - again, groundbreaking. It's fall y'all! (sorry, I couldn't resist)

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