2016 Sorority Travels

in , , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, January 06, 2017

As I approach my first year in my job (affectionately known as the "Alphaversary") on December 7th, I thought it would be interesting to share the opportunities I have had so far.  Let me start by saying that my position with Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters is not based around traveling.  Along with many members of our staff, I am a “telecommuter”.  Working remotely from my home office in Raleigh can be challenging at times, but mostly means that I have to schedule outings so I actually leave my apartment throughout the day/week.

As the Membership Growth Resource Coordinator, my main responsibilities of creating and maintaining our organization’s resources that pertain to membership growth (read: recruitment) can be handled from the comfort of my home office.  However, I absolutely relish any opportunity I can to get on the road.  I am 100% one of those people who thrives in settings of social facilitation.  Human interaction can be a powerful thing for someone who spends the majority of their time in solitary confinement!

Recruitment Braintrust & All Staff Retreat | January | Indianapolis, IN

My very first trip for Alpha Xi Delta was a "meeting of the minds" to discuss strategic membership recruitment. The majority of my first month for the organization was spent on holiday break, so this trip was a little intimidating to start off with. We called the meeting the "Recruitment Braintrust" - borrowing Pixar's concept... click here to learn more about it! But essentially, our most powerful volunteers, staff, and strategists were gathering to discuss our progress and needs as they pertain to recruitment. Following this, we had our all-staff retreat at our headquarters in Indianapolis! On this visit I also got to tour the National Panhellenic Conference office just down the road.

Southeastern Panhellenic Conference |  March | Atlanta, GA

Fraternities and sororities have numerous regional-based opportunities to meet and learn from one another at conferences. I never attended one of these conferences during my collegiate experience and my supervisor believed this would be a great opportunity for me to network with others and learn from industry professionals.

The Workout – Summer Experience | May and June | Bloomington, IN

This was my first live-facilitation experience in my role. The Workout is Alpha Xi Delta's premier recruitment training program for collegiate leaders. This year we held the program two times both at Indiana University. Our Beta Pi Chapter at the university has a home there that we used for our program and I absolutely loved getting to see their Greek community and meet some of our volunteers!

Volunteer Leadership Conference | June | Minneapolis, MN

Another opportunity to connect with our amazing volunteers! This conference happens in the off-years that our convention is not held. I had never been to Minneapolis before and enjoyed getting to see the city!

University of South Carolina Colonization Recruitment | August | Columbia, SC

Our organization was selecting to bring a chapter to the University of South Carolina. We participated in the first round of recruitment so give potential new members an opportunity to see what membership in Alpha Xi Delta could offer. We utilized members from our Auburn and East Carolina University chapters as our active recruiters, so I traveled with my home chapter from ECU to help with the experience!

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