10 Apps to Better Yourself

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, March 23, 2020

(that take ten minutes or less each day)

Let's face it, COVID-19 is having a vast impact on our daily lives. Compared to what some are going through during this time, spending more time inside on your couch doesn't seem so bad. We live in such a privileged time where we have access to SO much right within our fingertips. So, with that, here are ten apps you can use to better yourself daily in ten minutes or less!

  1. Learn a new language - Duolingo // Each lesson is maybe five minutes and it's like a game! You get coins, earn badges, and can interact / compete with others. Seriously one of my favorite parts of each day; I usually do this before getting out of bed / to wake me up or right before falling asleep. I'm taking French - add me @MackenzieElaine_ so we can be friends!
  2. Word of the day - Merriam Webster // This is an easy one, but you can ask Siri to tell you the word of the day and she will read it to you!
  3. Make lists - Evernote
    • Packages - as soon as I order something, it goes on the list with the date I am expecting it
    • Grocery/shopping list - better than getting to the store and forgetting the paper list!
    • Wish List - helps with gifts and helps me avoid impulse purchases... I review every now and then to remove things that were just 'of the moment' adds.
    • Books I have read and want to read - this makes it easy to share suggestions when asked and cuts down my decision making time on what to read next
    • Event planning - if there is an event I have, there's a note for it.
    • Thoughts/ideas - the most random note of all - some of this is research I want to do or blogs I want to write
  4. Guided meditation - Peloton, Headspace // I have only used Peloton ($12.99 a month but SO worth it). Have heard great things about Headspace!
  5. Mini-crossword puzzle - New York Times // I try and do this every day and usually get some help from Andrew. Not as overwhelming as the larger puzzle and maybe takes five minutes!
  6. Simplify Your Space - Poshmark // Get a jump on cleaning out your closet and home! Hopefully make some money in the process.
  7. Journal - Day One // Jot down a few thoughts each day. I think it would be so interesting to look back on this confusing time and remember how we left as each day unfolded.
  8. Upgrade or update your calendar - Google // Anyone who knows me knows I LIVE by my Google calendar. Here are my favorite tips/features:
    • Create a Perpetual Calendar and give it a different color. Add everything that occurs yearly: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Each date on this list gives me a one week and day-of reminder - just enough time to pop a card in the mail, coordinate a celebration, and connect on the actual day.
    • Use the Reminders feature to set monthly reminders for bills, pet medicine, or just regular to-dos. Each day you will have your reminders at the top of your calendar - I love the ability to physically check something off a list!
  9. Create a vision board - Pinterest // This idea came from one of my most recent girl-crushes, Myka Meier. I recently read her book, Modern Etiquette Made Easy and loved it! One of her recommendations is to create a Pinterest Vision Board and fill it with inspiration from style, home, quotes, and other details of the life you want to live.
  10. Social media cleanup - Instagram, Facebook, etc.
    • Delete old posts that may seem insensitive or inappropriate for the current climate or would be detrimental to your goals. Remember that language can be hurtful and that regardless of your intent, you posts may have a different impact on those reading them. 
    • Archive old posts that are appropriate, but no longer reflect your desired online image.
    • Review who you are following and specifically, your unrequited followers (you follow them but they don't follow you back). Decide who to keep and who you no longer want to. These accounts could be a brand with a large following or an acquaintance you don't keep up with anymore. Don't spend too much time getting wrapped up in the emotions of this - your feed is YOUR space. Only fill it with people or brands that actively bring you joy and inspiration.
    • On Facebook, unfollow or unlike pages that are no longer relevant to you. Leave groups that are no longer active. 
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