Emerald Isle Bachelorette Party

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, July 30, 2020

Just over a month ago I spend a few days with my very best friends in Emerald Isle, North Carolina for my bachelorette party. Our original plan was to be in Washington, DC. Andrew and I have planned to only be in DC for one year before we move to New York for his work. Knowing this, my bridesmaids and friends decided to explore my new city during the limited time I called it home. However, due to coronavirus, we were unable to go through with this plan and in the weeks leading up to the trip, decided to reroute our plans to Emerald Isle. I grew up spending each summer there and my mother moved there shortly after I left for college, so it felt like the perfect place for Plan B!

We had a whole "let freedom ring" red, white, and blue theme all ready for DC and switched it up to be the pink beach fest you'll see in these pictures. I swear I've never worn more pink than this year while being a bride - totally not my typical color of choice but I've been loving it as of late. 

We had the most wonderful weekend with the best our little coastal town has to offer: poolside massages from Wellness Massage & Yoga, the world's best crabcakes from Caribsea, our favorite bartender from Kathryn's Bistro & Martini Bar, complete with breakfast from Surf's Up Grill & Bar at Bogue Inlet Pier. I felt spoiled the entire weekend and am truly convinced I have the best friends in the world!

 My maid of honor, Hannah, made the cutest little welcome boxes for everyone! We hung around the house Friday night before heading to a local friend's pool for the day Saturday. (both homes for the trip were private residences - I've had a few questions about airbnb or rentals which we did not use)

We changed locations to my mom's house where we were staying and the girls transformed this man cave into a she shed. 

There aren't a ton of pictures from the evening that I believe the girls 
want shared on social media, but they are a testament to just how 
much fun we had being all back together. I only wish it could have lasted longer!

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