Apartment Décor: Part One

in , by Mackenzie Elaine Wasilick, January 18, 2021

We've officially been in the city a little over a month now and are finally feeling more settled than our period spent living on the air mattress. While I will fondly remember our camping adventure (mostly for our stellar takeout meals), I'm glad to have our furniture and have things start to feel like 'home' - even though I still frequently look out the window and have to pinch myself that we actually live here.

When we moved from NC to DC in 2019, we bought a lot of 'temporary' furniture knowing that in a year's time we would finally be in New York. We had a furniture fund on our wedding registry and were so excited to finally start building our place together with pieces we mutually curated. Due to moving right after Thanksgiving, we were able to snag most of these items on major sale - mostly from places like Wayfair, Overstock, and Amazon. Most of the décor is either vintage, passed down, or from Etsy. So, while there are a lot of little details to finalize, here's the bulk of what we chose! 

Living Room

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We have two of these black armchairs (#nine) - each nestled in their own corner closest to our windows. They're much wider than expected and extremely comfortable! We wanted the flexibility to pull these up to the dining table should we want to seat six, but love that they blend into the rest of our design and are functional in our space. I love, love, love our new rug (bought a round one to match in our desk space) and chose the glass/mirror coffee table to prevent so much dark furniture from clogging up the area. The pillows/blankets/decor were chosen to fit a neutral color scheme and bring in different textures. I also love the very subtle sage green in the carpet and pillows. 

Dining Area

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One of my must-haves for this apartment was a full sized dining table with real chairs (with backs). Our old apartment had a four-top with benches that fit underneath, so I am stoked to have this upgrade. We went with the glass top to help open up the space - I'm so glad we did! My candlesticks were found at a vintage shop and couldn't be sourced, but these (#four) are similar and well-priced on Amazon. My scalloped vase (#five) is also from Amazon and currently unavailable, but the link brings up very similar options!


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More neutrals with textures and, of course, classic blue and white. My lamps are vintage from my grandmother, but these (#ten) are a good substitute from a trusted brand carried by BB&B. Most of these items came from amazon; I'm most excited about the battery operated light fixture. While I love a built in look, this bookshelf is a more rental-friendly option. Fill it with the right things and it looks just as polished for a fraction of the cost! Our bar (#eight) was ordered to fit this space specifically, but I love the idea of a buffet style table with storage. 

This list isn't inclusive of every single item in our home, but it's a large portion of what's available online right now and what we recently ordered for our new place. I love shopping vintage, finding 'nice' board games, and decorating with books! Check out this post for tips on finding blue and white, as well as this post and this post for sources on vintage décor. 

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